Drive2Change is a new entity founded with the passion for transformation and continuous improvement providing consultancy and mentoring services to support organizations and individuals on their journey to success.

Our mission is to drive transformation through innovation, integrity and a customized approach.

We believe in the power of people and ideas and work every day to make change possible.



Together with the client, we define the transformation strategy and oversee its implementation until full autonomy.


We provide strategic consulting services for Portfolio Management, PMO, Process re-engineering, Budgeting and more.


We design and implement coaching and mentoring programs for sustainable corporate and personal growth.


What is included in a business transformation strategy?

A business transformation strategy involves defining a vision and objectives, assessing the current state of the business, engaging stakeholders, setting strategic priorities, managing change, implementing technology and infrastructure improvements, optimizing processes, managing talent, measuring performance, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. This holistic approach aims to fundamentally change how a company operates to achieve specific goals or adapt to market dynamics.

What are the main benefits of strategic consulting?

Strategic consulting offers numerous benefits, including specialized expertise, an objective viewpoint, strategic planning assistance, problem-solving capabilities, risk mitigation, change management support, performance enhancement, market advantage, learning opportunities, and measurable results.

What does corporate mentoring consist of?

Corporate mentoring typically involves a structured relationship where a more experienced individual (the mentor) provides guidance, support, and knowledge transfer to a less experienced individual (the mentee) within a corporate or organizational setting. This guidance aims to develop specific skills, knowledge, or competencies relevant to the mentee's professional growth and career advancement. Corporate mentoring can encompass various aspects, including career development, leadership skills, technical expertise, organizational culture understanding, and networking opportunities. The mentor may offer advice, share experiences, provide feedback, and help the mentee navigate challenges and opportunities within the corporate environment. Overall, corporate mentoring fosters learning, skill development, and personal growth to enhance individual and organizational performance.

"Change is inevitable.

Growth is optional."

John C. Maxwell